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Tide Gin

Our most popular product.  Tide Gin is not "piney" like a typical gin. 

There are several layers of flavours for your taste buds to enjoy.  It starts

peppery then smooths into citrus followed by a soft flavour of anise.

Delicious as a sipping gin, with tonic, or used in your favourite cocktail.


Tide Vodka

Our vodka is rectified 28 times;  We distill 4 times over 7 plates. 

Beautiful and smooth, with a slight sweetness, which comes from having a corn


Tidal Run

Tidal Run

An unaged molasses spirit, derived from 100% molasses from Crosbys in

New Brunswick.

This unique spirit has never been in a barrel, so still has a bit of

sharpness to it, but also has not lost the sweet smooth molasses flavour.

We do not call it Rum, as rum must be aged in a wood cask for a

minimum of one year.


Haskap Liqueur

Haskap has a very unique flavour. It is a surprise to your taste buds from

sweet, sour, tart and bitter. It is an interesting blend of flavours from

raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and grape juice.

Black Currant

Black Currant Liqueur

We get our black currants from a local farm, which we happen to be

lucky enough to see from the windows of the distillery. A very unique

flavour that is synonymous to black currants, a little sweet and a bit tart. 

Sure to satisfy anyone looking for something different or that distinctive

Cassis flavour.


Raspberry Liqueur

Like fresh from the bush, a bit tart and a bit sweet, but all raspberry!

Pairs great with lemonade, over cheesecake, or in your favourite cocktail.


Blueberry Liqueur

A perfectly delicious blend of high bush, and wild low bush berries from

the Annapolis Valley.  A nice juicy flavour, just like blueberry pie!


Cherry Liqueur

You have to try this!  The only way to describe this delicious liqueur is;

it's just like eating a handful of cherries, or licking the plate when the

cherry pie is finished.  Not too sweet.  Not syrupy.  A favourite of many,

for good reason.


Cranberry Liqueur

Our tartest liqueur.  It gets your salivary glands working, and makes you


Makes great cosmos, martinis, and adds a nice flavour to ginger ale.


Javalley Coffee Liqueur

Partnered with Just Us! Coffee Roasters in Grand Pre, they have done a special blend

for our Javalley liqueur.

The base is Tidal Run;  100% Crosbys molasses, candied sugar is made on site, we use

fresh vanilla beans, and a blend of other spices.

Not too sweet or syrupy, perfect for White Russians, Spanish Coffee, Brown Cows, in

your favourite coffee or even over ice cream!

DSCF5105 2

Arctic Kiwi

A walnut sized fruit grown locally, with a smooth green skin, and the inside looking

like kiwifruit.

Sweeter than the New Zealand Kiwi, with a very unique and fresh flavour.

Pairs very well with strawberry, white grape juice, and a nice mix for soda water or


DSCF5111 2

Chili Pepper Vodka

Our smooth vodka, with local Thai Chili Peppers right in the bottle!  Spicy, but with lots

of flavour - perfect for your Ceasars!  Also pairs nicely with a strong ginger ale or ginger

beer.  You can also use for chili, salsa or whatever else you want to add a nice "kick" to!

We distill all of our products in small batches, so we can closely monitor them.

We believe it is important for us and you to know what is going into our product.

That is why we go through all the steps of grain to glass in-house.

We have partnered with over 12 local valley farmers and producers.

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