Barrelling Tide Liqueurs

Javalley Coffee liqueur can be used many different ways. With your coffee or hot chocolate, iced coffee, Brown Cow (with milk or cream over ice), White Russian, Black Russian, Spanish Coffee...lots of possibilities! We have several customers who have used the Javalley for Tiramisu, coffee cake and cheesecakes. Don't forget the ice cream!

Fruit Liqueurs - such a wide variety of ways to use! You can drink them straight, or over ice. They are very nice partnered with soda water or tonic water if you do not want to "add" any other flavour. For something a bit sweeter, they are nice with a Sprite, 7up or even a Gingerale. You can make Cosmos, Martinis, Margaritas or Daiquiris. They are light and refreshing with lemonade (one of my favourites!). Adding to a dry white wine with a bit of soda water, can give you a simple but elegant spritzer, or for making Sangria.

Try adding them to your favourite desserts, to "change things up a bit"...And don't forget about the ice cream!

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