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Grace O'Malley

Ingredients 1.5 oz Windward Whisky 1 oz Javalley Coffee Liqueur .75 oz Orgeat (almond syrup) .5 oz Fresh Lemon Jui...

Bartender's Breakfast

Ingredients 0.75 oz 5 Fathom Dark Rum 0.75 oz Javalley Coffee Liqueur 0.75 oz Coconut Milk 0.75 oz Nutella 1 oz Mi...

Javalley Iced Eggnog

A simple, yet perfect mixture for the holidays!  Ingredients 2 oz Javalley Coffee Liqueur Eggnog Ice Instructions ...

Coffee Martini

Ingredients 2 oz Tide Vodka 1 oz Javalley Coffee Liqueur 1 oz Espresso Coffee Beans, for garnish (optional) Instr...

The Black Russian

Ingredients 1.5 oz Tide Vodka 3/4 oz Javalley Coffee Liqueur Maraschino cherries, optional, for garnish Instructi...
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